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Appsuperb is a collective of young guns who are constantly pushing the envelope in combining form with function. Developing cool stuff - without the usual bloating - has become our trademark. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We adhere to our key principle of bundling forces in order to deliver stunning and solid products and services. We have the know-how, know-what, know-why and know-who to be independent as independence is intended; true to our principles and our convictions.

meet the superheroes

Meet Caspar, the wizard of wise words

allround creator
textually blessed
gastronomic connaisseur

Meet Stijn, the Don of digital development

mobile pioneer
visionary marketeer
adventurous traveller

Meet Robin, the mobile marketing magician

coffee driven

Meet Arno, the mad mogul of mathematics

iOS insider
unique thinker
brave brainiac

Meet Bob, the anchorman of encryption

iOS guru
universal athlete
dad of the year

Meet Koen, the singing daredevil of design

Interaction, UX & visually focussed
Nicknamed 'Big Feet'

Meet Marnix, the fantastic Photoshop freak

less is more
free mind

Meet Niels, the analytical Android aficionado

Breaking bad fanboy
IMDb movie top 250

Meet Pim, the flexible front-end frontman


Meet Ruud, the bass-powered back-end boss

Hardcore punk

Meet Frank, the web's boy wonder

small town
big talent
bigger catfan

Meet Jeroen, the creative conceptualist

Uses humour to put everything into perspective
Techno and minimal house
'Aim for perfection but never expect to reach it'

We present to you...

Find It With Friends

Are you ready to play ‘Spot the difference’ with a twist? Test your reflexes in this all-time favorite against the clock and your friends. Challenge your friends in this fingerbusting game, and find out who has the eye of an eagle.Use the joker or freeze time with a power-up to outwit your pals and claim victory.


Calcube is the quickest calendar around. All you need to enter is the name and time of your event. Other details are already pre-set at the first startup of the app. That's what makes CalCube much faster than your default calendar.


Weathercube is the gestural weather app for iPhone. No buttons; just swipe, pinch and tap your way through the weather. The revolutionary design and great usability makes it both fun and functional. We did all the work, so you have all the fun. It's clean, simple, hot and fresh at the same time!


Predict-A-Ball is the 30 second football prediction app. Every round players predict the results of 12 local and international matches. Try to beat your friends and the rest of the world! We first launched in The Netherlands in january 2014, and are working on a global version at this moment.


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